We are looking for a Python developer who will join our technical team in building infrastructure for trading, data collection, and developing new strategies.

  • 2+ years of experience
  • Architecting and implementing scalable and reliable quantitative trading systems
  • Spoken and written English
  • 100% remote team in Slack with weekly team calls
  • $2000-$3000 per month at the start with potential bonuses based on profitability
  • Hi-tech problems to solve that you won't meet every day
  • A chance to get into crypto and/or trading
What do we do?
Our business is trading crypto. We trade our own capital at our own risk. In case you're wondering: We never raised an ICO and aren't gonna do that.

We specialize in fully-automated algorithmic trading strategies. We study market history and human psychology, read scientific articles and perform statistical analysis to constantly figure out new ways to approach markets. Our technology team focuses on finding solutions which will allow our strategies to run. We are constantly learning and experimenting as it helps us to come up with new ideas, formulate a hypothesis and work hard trying to reject it. When something doesn't break, that means that is the exact thing we want to develop into our production strategy.
What does a technology team do?
  • Contribute to an open source trading engine based on Lean. That's the best crypto trading engine we found.
  • Collect trading history, orderbook history, and other data from major crypto exchanges. Hundreds of gigabytes of data, NoSQL DB, real time and scheduled update and ensure data integrity
  • Create a strategy optimization system that helps to backtest and to choose the most suitable trading strategies. We have an auto-scalable system that allows you to run tens of thousands of backtests at the same time, collect and analyze the results of their work.
  • Create execution algorithms that define the entry and exit point for positions without moving the market too much
  • Visualize the results of the optimizer and live strategies
Working environment
  • We are 100% remote
  • We use Jira, Confluence and Slack
  • Our code is in private and public GitHub repos
  • We make weekly calls to synchronize our progress
Crucial skills
Commercial experience required:
  • Python 3.5+ at least 2 years
  • Docker + Docker Swarm or Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud Platform, AWS or other cloud providers (we use GCP and DO)
  • Design and build resilient and scalable systems

Strong knowledge of at least one from each category:
  • Web frameworks (Django, Flask, Tornado)
  • ORMs (SQLAlchemy, Django ORM)
  • Test frameworks (UnitTest, py.test, etc.)
  • Python asyncio (or other similar asynchronous programming libs)

Would be nice to have experience with:
  • Infrastructure as a code (Terraform or alternatives)
  • CI/CD pipelines from "git push" to "production deployment"
  • ETL tools (StreamSets, Kafka, etc)
  • Data analysis tools (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas)
We are offering
  • Fixed and stable salary with a potential bonuses based on profitability
  • Flexible hours. You can choose when you start and when you finish your day, as long as it intersects with GMT+3 working hours
  • 100% remote employment. You can work from anywhere you want, and we'll pay for your coworking space if you need it
  • Professional growth: you'll learn a lot. Plenty of things to solve and there is a lot of responsibility you can take on if you feel like it
  • Career: you will have opportunities to grow to become a team lead or a quant
  • Crypto: A way to participate in cryptocurrency space on the finance side of the business
  • Trading: A chance to learn trading approaches, if it's your thing
  • Meritocracy: there is no strict hierarchy in the company. What you can achieve personally, how much money you can make and how you can influence the company is limited mainly by your abilities and desire to do so
How to apply
Please, send your response to [email protected]

  • Put your name, surname and [Python] tag into the title, e. g.: Ivan Sergeev [Python]
  • Write a couple of lines about yourself. Who you are, what are you interested in and what do you do. Non-technical stuff is interesting too, as long as you keep it short and to the point
  • Attach your CV, links to LinkedIn and Moikrug profiles, personal website or blog
  • Describe your experience. The more we can read about you, the less formal questions we are going to ask
  • Add a link to your GitHub/Bitbucket where we can see your commits. If you mostly worked on closed-source projects, publish some parts on Gist
If you haven't found a vacancy that is relevant to your experience but working with us sounds interesting, contact us on [email protected]